Special Easter Gift Idea - just launched!

Posted by Ella Dooly on

Let me introduce the Easter Egg Tree Gift, a very special Easter Gift idea that we have created here at Tree2mydoor.

We receive phone calls from our customers just before Easter every year to ask about what trees and plants that we can offer as a special Easter Gift idea and until this year we haven't been able to offer anything special that is specific to Easter.

Special Easter Gift Idea Easter Egg Tree Gift

Easter usually falls in late Winter / early Spring, so we wanted to create a gift that combined Easter Eggs and trees. Our deciduous trees are dormant during Winter months and will bud and come into leaf in Spring each year, bringing new life - a sort of rebirth of the tree after months of lifelessness. The symbolism of the re-birth of Spring is very strong which means that deciduous trees coming back to life could have a special meaning to our customers who celebrate Easter. We then looked at sourcing typical symbols of Easter and found some lovely painted eggs that can be hung from the branches of a tree - a sort of a cross between a Christmas tree and an Easter Egg.

Once the Eggs arrived at our office, we got to work with decorating a dormant apple tree gift with the strung Easter Eggs and it looked absolutely beautiful and almost quirky. Apple trees have historically been associated with love, making the symbolism with the meaning of Easter complete.

Special Easter Gifts Hanging the Eggs on the Apple tree is easy and is a perfect way to get children involved in the garden.

Our Easter Egg Tree Gifts can be ordered with one of our M9 Apple tree gifts that will not grow to a mature size of more than 12ft, making them perfect for growing in most gardens. You can choose from James Grieve, Pinova, Royal Gala, and Sunset Apple to make up your Easter Egg Tree Gift.
Order an Easter Egg Tree Gift today to avoid disappointment.

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