Memorial Tree Planting Ideas

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With life, comes death and losing someone we hold dearest in our hearts can be one of the hardest things we ever have to face. Our Memorial Tree Planting Ideas will help immortalise their memory and let loved ones live on.

Planting a tree in memory of someone is becoming an increasingly popular way to remember the loved ones we’ve lost. They’re a beautiful, long-lasting representation of a life once lived and can be planted in a place close to home or somewhere more sentimental where it can be visited by friends and family.


Plant a Tree in Memory


Crab Apple Tree (Tree of Love)

Crab Apple Tree Gift

To the Ancient Celts, the Crab Apple Tree is the tree of love. Plant this sapling to show the abundance of love that surrounds that person.







Rowan Tree (Tree of Life)

Rowan Tree Leaves

One of the main reasons tree memorials are now so popular is that even in death, life needs to be celebrated. The Rowan Tree is the Celts tree of life making this particular living memorial even more special.

Plant this for someone who had a love for life like no one else.






Elder Tree (Tree of Protection)

Make a Hedgerow Sponge CakeThe Elder Tree is a symbol of protection in Celtic Lore which gives a warming sentiment to planting the tree for a memorial. This creates a peace of mind like someone is watching over them.










Oak Tree (Father of the Woods)

The Grand Oak Tree is nothing less than perfect to plant for a memorial. The strong trunk and branches will grow and stretch for hundreds of years to honour and mark the memory of a very special person.

Known as the king of the woods, it’s a beautiful tree to plant in memory of a father, grandfather or any special man in your life.


Star Magnolia Tree

Star Magnolia Blossom

Flowering trees are a popular option to plant for memorials. The pretty blossoms are a sweet memento that arrives every spring.

The star magnolia is especially beautiful and would make a lovely memorial tree for a mother, sister or aunt.



Wild Cherry Tree

Wild Cherry Tree Gift

Our little wild cherry sapling is also a love tree. It’s a tree that everyone loves and it’s one of the prettiest natives from the UK.

The wild cherry is a smaller native tree so a perfect option if you would like to plant the tree at home in the garden.


Other Memorial Trees

Even with some of the suggestion above, any tree that feels right for the situation will be the perfect memorial. If you know their favourite tree or plant then go for that particular variety. Planting their favourite tree adds another layer of meaning to the living memorial and makes it especially unique to them. 

Choosing a seasonal tree is also a lovely idea. Find a tree that blooms around their birthday, that way, every time it blooms you can be reminded of them.

We have memorial gift packs available for both people and pets, they come with your choice of native tree sapling and an engraved plaque and plinth that can be inscribed with a message or a date.


Where to Plant Your Memory Tree

Choosing the location to plant is just as important as the actual tree. Planting the tree close to home in the garden helps keeps the memory of the person nearby, the tree can be gazed on and be a reminder of all the special times that were had together.

 If you have a more sentimental location in mind, it could be a place frequently visited by them or just a place you know they loved, you could see if it’s possible to plant the tree there. The tree will be enjoyed by many people, bringing happiness from a difficult situation as it grows.

If you choose to plant the tree away from home, always make sure to respect the area. Get in contact with any landowners or officials and make sure the tree won’t disrupt the area.

Choosing a potted tree will allow for the tree to be close by at all times, no matter if you plan to move house or your situation changes in any way, you can always take it with you.


Gifting a Memorial Tree

When it comes to funerals and the time thereafter, people will send and receive bunches of flowers which just don’t last. After a death, this can be a sad reminder of mortality. A tree is there to last a lifetime and it lets the person know you’re thinking about them through this sad time. They may have been so busy dealing with everything that receiving a tree might be a nice break from reality and therapeutic when they go to plant it.


We have lots of meaningful memorial gifts that you can choose for yourself or gift to someone else.


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