Topiary Tree Gifts

Send a gift from our Topiary Trees range to bring shape and character to a loved one’s garden, patio, or balcony. These living gifts offer effortless style, enriching their surroundings with natural sophistication to be admired for years to come. Rest assured, they’ll love these thoughtful gifts.

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High Quality Topiary Trees for Sale

Our real Topiary Trees are treasured for their ornamental features. They have neat trunks and leaves that can be pruned and shaped to add style to a garden, patio, or balcony. Browse our selection of Topiary Trees and find the right one for the occasion or person you need it for.

Our Olive Tree Gift is an exceptional culinary and ornamental gift. It has a slender trunk topped with evergreen leaves. Every spring, white blossoms begin to grow, followed soon after by olives that are ripe and ready in autumn. This gift offers a Meditteranean style and cuisine and will make itself cosy in any garden.

Send our Small Bay Tree Gift to friends and family. This delightful tree has a plaited stem topped with a neat bunch of evergreen bay laurel leaves. Besides looking ornate, the leaves can be picked and put in recipes for aromatic flavour. We also offer a Pair of Bay Trees because the best things come in pairs.

Our Topiary Trees are fully hardy in the UK climate. They can be potted or planted in a sunny, sheltered spot with well-drained soil. Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.