Indoor Trees

Browse our range of Indoor Trees for friends, family, and occasions. These dainty trees bring natural splendour to indoor spaces, offering life, colour, fragrance, and, sometimes, delicious fruit. Our range of trees gifts are perfect for growing indoors.

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Choosing an Indoor Tree Gift

We have plenty of Indoor Trees to choose from, each offering unique natural beauty, fragrances, and fruit. Their charming sizes means they can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms, and conservatories, superb for ornamentation. Enrich a loved one’s home with these living gifts and they’ll remember it forever.

Our Lemon Tree Gift is a firm favourite amongst our customers. Its bright yellow lemons, evergreen leaves, and fragrant blossom are simply irresistible. Picking, slicing, and squeezing these zesty fruits for drinks and recipes is truly fulfilling. Just place this indoor fruit tree in an airy room, away from central heating, and near plenty of light. We even have a Mini Lemon Tree for extra small spaces.

Send a trendy Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree and turn a loved one’s home into an urban jungle. Our Fiddle Leaf Fig is 3 feet tall and makes a great floor standing plant for a corner of a room. It’s an easy to care for house plant that brings effortless style and purifies the air.

Give a keen cook our Kaffir Lime Tree Gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations. It produces sweet-scented blossom and green, bumpy limes throughout the year and its leaves can be used for aromatic flavour in cooking.

It is important to check the care guide for each plant before buying. Many indoor plants dislike central heating as it spoils the humidity and causes abrupt temperature changes. Generally, bright indirect light is preferred and well-drained soil is preferred.

Order an Indoor Tree, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.