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We have all manner of Desk Plants for you to choose from. Each and every one of them offers unique natural beauty, striking the perfect balance between modern and exotic style. Not only are they superb for ornamentation, they benefit health and wellbeing by purifying the air you breathe. Rest assured, you won’t regret treating yourself or a loved one to our Desk Plants.


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Buy Plants for Office Desks

Adorn your home or office desk with our delightful Desk Plants. These exotic and stylish plants are exceptional for decoration, bringing life, colour, and fragrances to indoor spaces. The green foliage removes toxins from the air you breathe, reducing the chance of illness, headaches, and fatigue. Whether you’re working or playing at your desk, you’ll feel the benefit of our Office Plants.

Make your desk an urban jungle with our Elephant Ear Plant. This plant is treasured for its large evergreen leaves that droop outwards on slender stems, a gorgeous centre-piece for larger desks.

Buy a Yucca Plant to add a piece of the Mexican dessert to your desk. It has rough, brown trunk topped with evergreen, sword-shaped leaves for a truly unique appearance, It even arrives in a trendy pot for easy display.

Our Swiss Cheese Plant offers style and character unlike any other indoor plant. It is named after the holes and perforations on its evergreen, heart-shaped leaves. It happily cleans the air you breathe, making work and play easier by reducing fatigue, headaches, and illness.

Our Desk Plants don’t require too much, just place them in an airy, unheated room. Check the natural light level each plant prefers and place them accordingly. Mist and clean the green leaves every so often and let the top 1 inch of soil dry between waterings.

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