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Trees as gifts that are particularly looking good at the moment...
Have a look at our trees and plants that are looking really good and perfect for sending as gifts today. Give us a call if you have any questions before placing your order on 0161 870 6590.


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Seasonal Gifts...

Here you will find the best of seasonal gifts that will provide amazing memories for years to come.This page will constantly change to reflect the very best of products that would be ideal as gifts at various times of the year.

Olive Trees being evergreen will always add a splash of the mediterranean making them an ideal gift all year round. The Bay Tree Gift is also evergreen and will provide the same qualities while giving out its wonderful fragrance.

The Citrus trees will provide fruit up to 4 times a year and would love a spot in your conservatory. The Sweet Orange Tree Gift would look beautiful on patio decking, while the tangy Lemon would like a sunny spot in your Garden. For all those looking for the ultimate health fruit, look no further, the Grapefruit Tree Gift would make an ideal gift that would give yummy fruit 4 times a year.

Make sure you bookmark this page for all your gift needs as we will be adding things for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas Gifts, New Year Gifts and Easter. There has never been an easier place to buy all your eco friendly gifts.