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Browse our lovely range of Olive Tree Gifts. These Mediterranean trees are more than living and lasting, they are culinary, ornamental, and full of meaning. Loved ones will feel fulfilled as they watch these trees grow and pick home-grown olives for Mediterranean cuisine. Send a unique Olive Trees by Post to friends and family.

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High Quality Olive Trees Delivered by Post

Our Olive Trees offer are exceptional ornamental gifts. Their slender trunks and evergreen leaves look resplendent all-year-round, perfect for placing in gardens, patios, and balconies. Olive Trees are enduring Greek symbols of peace and friendship, making these gifts perfect for birthdays and other celebrations. We have a variety of sizes to choose from, for all manner of spaces. Browse our range and find the right gift!

One of our smallest gifts in this range is our Mini Olive Tree Gift. This delightfully dainty tree can fit in the smallest of spaces, so loved ones with cosy gardens can enjoy its natural beauty and a delicious crop of olives. It’s planted in a dusky terracotta pot and is delivered with a small bottle of olive oil.

Our Twisted Olive Tree Gift is particularly ornate. Its twisted stem adds shape, character, and sophistication to any garden. We also offer a Large Twisted Stem Olive Tree for something with a more noticeable presence, create a uniquely shaped olive grove in a loved one's garden.

For Christmas, give friends and family our Christmas Olive Tree Gift. It arrives in gorgeous hessian gift-wrapping with a red bow and its green leaves remain lush even during the winter.

Our Olive Trees, or Olea europaea, are fully hardy in our terrible British weather. Pot or plant them in well-drained soil in a sunny, sheltered spot. Water regularly during spring and summer to encourage the olives to grow.

Order now in time for a special occasion, add a personalised greetings card and choose a nominated delivery date. Our devoted gardeners will choose and gift-wrap your tree on day of dispatch. Get free delivery on orders over £99.