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Decorate your home and garden with beautiful potted plants. They make great additions to any home, bringing gorgeous colours and a breath of fresh air. Choose from cactus plants, succulents and fruit-bearing varieties.


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Choosing Your Plant

Plants do so much more than brighten up our homes and gardens: they improve the quality of the air, control humidity and make our surroundings feel fresher.

Growing plants in containers has many benefits. You can grow them on patios and balconies, keep them on windowsills and desks, and even grow varieties that are unsuitable for the soil in your garden. Potted plants are especially handy if you don't have huge amounts of space. We have a range of indoor and outdoor plants for you to choose from.

Are you a foodie who wants to grow food and enjoy the ornamental features of plants too? If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love our selection of fruit plants. Grow your own juicy blueberries to make smoothies and muffins, or add them to your morning porridge and pancakes. You'll get a delicious crop of blueberries every summer that are well worth the wait.

Our grapevines produce small yet irresistibly tasty fruits you can enjoy as healthy alternatives to chocolate, or use them to make wine. The kiwi is another appetising fruit you can grow in your garden, perfect for completing your summer salads.

Do you enjoy experimenting with more subtle flavours in the kitchen? Our rosemary plants are ideal for those who love the combination of food and fragrance. Whether you're starting your own herb garden or expanding it, this is a great plant for you.

Of course, not everyone has the space to grow the fruit and herb plants, but that doesn't mean you cant have plants whatsoever. 

For information on looking after your chosen plant, see our useful care guides.