March Gift Ideas | March Gift Guide

Spring is about to be sprung and trees and plants are coming back to life, all the greenery in the garden is slowly revealing itself. Check out our March Gift Ideas for every occasion this month, from Birthdays to anniversaries to early springtime weddings.

Our March Gifts Guide focuses on long-lasting, meaningful gifts that can be treasured and cherished for a lifetime and not just one birthday or anniversary. Surprise someone with something unexpected and watch their delight year after year as their gift grows and flourishes along with them. Our collections of Spring Trees are the best gifts to send throughout the month of March.


March Birthday Gift Ideas


Star Magnolia Tree Gift, £39.99


Star Magnolia BlossomSend March tree of the month as a unique birthday gift. The Star Magnolia Tree will be cherished for years blooming beautifully every spring. The garden will be filled with an abundance of white, interestingly shaped flowers and just like a star it will light up the garden.


This is a smaller, more compact tree but it still packs a punch when it comes to making an impression. The lightly scented flowers bloom on bare branches closely followed by lush, green summer foliage. The magnolia stellata can grow to around 4m (13ft) and is well suited to medium gardens although it can be kept in a pot to maintain a smaller size.


This easy to look after, flowering, tree is not only the perfect gift for a birthday, the star magnolia is fit for many other occasions too. The blossoms make it wonderful to receive for March anniversaries and weddings and the spring show each year will be a reminder of the special day.


Delivery Tip: Star magnolia trees are deciduous and now is a great time for planting before the blooming period. Get the tree delivered to the recipients on their special day.



Sunburst Cherry Tree Gift, £49.99


thoughtful valentines giftsThe Sunburst Cherry Tree is a heavy cropping tree that will provide friends and family with an abundance of sweet cherries to eat straight from the branches. Send this tree to someone on their birthday who loves cherries and would love to try growing their own.


Early spring is the perfect time for planting cherry trees plus their blossom will bloom around mid-spring time and it’s a playful way of adding pretty colour to the garden.


Our sunburst is a self-pollinating tree and is grafted onto a colt rootstock. The tree can grow to an ultimate height of around 5m (16ft) so is best suited for planting in the ground in a medium to large sized garden.



Herb Garden Gift, £45.00


Herb Garden GiftOur Herb Garden Gift is a delightful miniature trio of Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme. The fragrance from each mini stem tree is phenomenal making it a perfect birthday gift for someone who loves aromatherapy or cooking with herbs. With this gift, there will be fresh herbs at their fingertips year-round.

Each herb is evergreen and super easy to look after and as they are delivered in 1.5L pots they hardly take up any space at all! Leave them to grow happily on a patio or balcony in a position of full sun and they will thrive for many years providing a year-round herb garden that can be used in the kitchen.


Delivery Tip: These trees are evergreen and looking stunning year round, get delivered to the recipient and they can place them out in the garden straight away.



Special Mum Rose Bush Gift, £24.98


flowers for Mothers DayMothers day falls right at the end of March this year but if you’ve been looking for a birthday gift for mum this month too then look no further. Our Special Mum Rose Bush is a fragrant, floribunda rose that produces beautiful pink flowers that bloom continuously from July to September.

Let mum know how much she means to you with an everlasting bunch of flowers. This rose bush can be grown in a pot or planted out in the garden in beds and borders for colourful, summer interest. This particular variety is extremely easy to look after and quick growing.


Delivery Tip: Get delivered straight to the recipient for planting, be aware of any late coming frosts and only plant when the ground isn’t frozen. Make sure to put outside straight away.



Wild Cherry Tree Gift, £24.50


Wild Cherry BlossomWe have renamed our Wild Cherry Tree the “Love Tree” as so many people just love it. It’s native to the British Isles and is definitely one of the prettiest trees the UK has to offer. The blossoms are a sure sign that spring has arrived and will fill the garden with an array of pastel pink and white blooms.

Wild Cherry Trees are one of our smaller native trees and are a great addition to medium sized gardens. The sapling will be delivered 40-60cm in height and can grow to an ultimate height of 60 ft if left unpruned.

The small red cherries that grow on the tree are not edible to humans however birds absolutely love to feast on them making the tree a great feature for attracting wildlife to the garden. The blossoms will make an attractive feature in the garden year after year to brighten up someone’s March birthday with this unique tree gift.


Delivery Tip: Our native saplings will be bursting to life very soon and can be planted ready for the start of spring.



Order now for Mothers Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner so let mum know just how special she is with a unique tree or plant gift. We have a wide range of Mothers Day Trees and Plants that are perfect for delivering straight to her to show her how much she is appreciated.