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Magnolia Tree as Gifts

Magnolia trees are cherished for their uniquely, large flowers that come in a variety of shapes and colours. These immaculate flowering trees are superb for ornamentation in the garden, offering life, colour, and fragrance earlier in the year than many other trees and plants. The colourful spring display is a breath of fresh air after a long, cold winter. Browse our range, find the perfect magnolia tree gift with the right symbolism and natural beauty, and share it with someone special. Rest assured, they’ll cherish it for years to come.


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Send Magnolia Tree Gifts 


Magnolias are named after the 17th-century French botanist, Pierre Magnol. He first named and described the genus of flowering trees that have been traced back millions of years using fossils. They bloom between late winter and early spring, even before the leaves emerge, and are perfect for enticing early pollinators to the garden such as bees and beetles.


Magnolia flowers are a wonderful present alternative for loved ones during the spring, as each year when the big flowers bloom, they will bring life and colour to your garden while also providing love to you.


The lovely Susan Magnolia and Tulip  Magnolia tree are some of our best-selling trees. Both are effortlessly elegant and in early spring, their stark branches are engulfed by gorgeous pink-purple blooms. Rich In colour and delicate fragrances that last into early summer, these dainty trees can even be pot-grown, so space isn’t a problem. The Susan magnolia tree was even awarded the Garden Merit Award from the RHS.


All of our Magnolia varieties are fully hardy in the UK with extra protection on the flower buds in spring frost. Plant or pot them in a sheltered location with full sun or partial shade, bearing in mind that full sun will give the best display of blooms. For more information read our magnolia tree care guide.



When do Magnolias bloom in the garden?

Magnolia Trees are spring bloomers and often are some of the first plants to bring life and colour back to the garden after the cold, winter months. This makes them fabulous gifts for the first half of the year, they can be planted and then enjoyed much sooner than other deciduous gifts.

How much space is needed for a Magnolia Tree Gift?

Magnolia trees are hardy to the UK climate so they don't need too much fuss or care, pick a spot that is preferably sheltered and south-facing to ensure that your tree will be healthy and happy with enough space to grow.