Patio Trees

We have a wide range of Patio Trees to enrich outdoor spaces. These ornamental gifts offer life, colour, fragrance, and sometimes delicious fruit. Browse our range and find the right gift, they are an absolute joy to give and receive. You simply won’t regret it!

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Potted Trees & Plants for UK Patios

Browse our range of Patio Trees. These small trees are superb for ornamentation on patios and driveways, offering natural beauty throughout the seasons. Not only that, they are living, lasting, and full of meaning.

Our Bay Tree Gift is one of our finest culinary and ornamental gifts. Its effortless Mediterranean makes it the perfect evergreen patio tree. The leaves can be put into recipes for their aromatic flavour, perfect for people who love cooking.

Give our Blueberry Plant Gift to friends and family for birthdays and summer celebrations. Plant in a pot on the patio and every June or July, this lush plant produces fresh blueberries for cooking, baking, and jam-making.

For a more unusual patio tree, our Twisted Olive Tree Gift is adored by customers. The spiral stem adds a contemporary style to the Mediterranean tree and come autumn loved ones can pick fresh olives right from their patio.

Fruit trees also make wonderful additions to the patio. In particular, our Patio Victoria Plum Tree is planted in a 10L pot and grows to a height of 2m (6.5ft). Don’t be mistaken though, it produces plums a-plenty for jam-makers, cooks, and bakers.

Our beautiful range of Patio Trees are easy to grow and don’t require a lot of room. Simply “Add to Basket”, personalise a greetings card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.