Red Trees and Plants

Browse through our range of red coloured trees and plants. If you’ve been looking for a unique gift for a special person and know they’d love a tree with red leaves or perhaps a red plant gift. You’ve come to the right place!

Trees with Red Foliage for Special Occasions

Whether you’ve got a special occasion coming up that requires a red themed gift or you just know someone who would really appreciate a tree or plant gift that has red leaves, red flowers or red berries then check out our top recommendations.

It’s a beautiful site to look amidst the green leaves in the garden and see different shades of red shine through. Our beautiful selection of Acer trees come in a variety of colours, but the bright red ones like our Enkan Japanese Maple Tree Gift really steal the show.

Perhaps you’re looking for a UK native tree with deep red, almost purple foliage. Our Copper Beech Tree Gift is the perfect option, the sapling has reddish purple leaves that shine through the spring and summer before transforming to a vibrant red and orange display in autumn.

If you have an occasion coming up that requires a red themed gift, like a Ruby 40th Wedding Anniversary then look no further. Send them a blooming plant with red flowers. Our Ruby 40th Anniversary Rose Gift is the perfect gift idea with fragrant blooms as red as rubies.

All of our tree and plant gifts come hand gift wrapped as standard and at no extra charge. Choose your own personalised greetings card and make the next gift you send truly unique.