Pet Friendly Indoor Plants

Browse our range of Pet Friendly Indoor Plants. These lush indoor plants are safe for your beloved pets. Each an every one of them effortlessly enriches rooms with exotic and modern style, all while cleaning the air you breathe and fulfilling your body and mind. Watching them grow is an absolute treat, we promise you won’t regret buying one.

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Buy Plants that are Friendly to your Pets

We understand that nothing can come between you and your pets, so we made a range of Pet Friendly Plants for you to enjoy. These exotic indoor plants are superb for ornamentation, turning drab spaces into urban jungles and refreshing the air by removing harmful toxins. Breathe new life into your home with this delightful range.

Our Pineapple Plant won’t harm your cats or dogs. This spectacular plant is treasured for the ornate pineapple that sits on its main stem and its lush, drooping leaves. It fills rooms with sweet fragrances and remains green all year-round.

Although our Rubber Plant is toxic to cats and dogs, they often won’t take an interest in its leaves. Simply place it out of reach, admire its uniquely stacked leaves, and breathe the clean air it produces.

Caring for our Indoor Plants is easy. Simply place them in a room without central heating and make sure they get their preferred light level. Let the top 1 inch of soil dry between waterings, mist the leaves every so often, and make sure the soil isn’t waterlogged.

Order our Pet Friendly Plants now. You can even add a personalised card if you’re sending it as a gift. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping and delivery.