April MyTree Story | Sue's Susan Magnolia Gift

Our MyTree Story for April is from Sue who bought her mum a Susan Magnolia Tree Gift this time last year.


Susan Magnolia BloomSue’s mum was planning on moving house and she wanted to send her a unique housewarming gift to welcome her into her new home. She had previously sent her a pear tree from us but wanted something a little different this time.


Sue said that she personally loves magnolia trees and was thrilled to find one with her named attached so her heart was set on the Susan Magnolia variety. She thought it would be a nice little reminder for her mum to have in the garden as Sue now lives in the Netherlands.


Susan Magnolia Trees are perfect for sending during the month of April. This is just about the time that they will be coming into bloom filling the garden with colourful pink blossoms and a light fragrance. Whether you want to send it as a housewarming gift like Sue or you know a loved one with an April birthday, the Susan Magnolia won’t disappoint.


Sue’s mum was absolutely delighted with her tree which is now growing happily in a pot so she can move it around her garden. She has said that it is in extremely good health and has been waiting all year for the tree to flower again.


Sue said that she didn’t just want to get the usual run of the mill bunch of flowers for her mum. Susan Magnolia Tree GiftShe wanted something different and something that her mum can enjoy looking after and watching it grow. When her mum goes to visit her in the Netherlands she is always taking trees and plants back with her so she knew this would be the perfect gift.


If you have friends and family that are planning to move house soon then take a look at our Susan Magnolia Tree as a unique, long lasting housewarming gift that will flower every spring.


Sue left us this lovely review on Reviews.co.uk:


“The Magnolia arrived safely packaged as a gift to my Mum and the tree itself was very healthy looking with a few flowers already out and lots of buds waiting to flower.
My Mum loves it and it looks great in her garden.”