Unique Graduation Gifts

Celebrate a loved one’s graduation properly with a gift from our Unique Graduation Gifts range. Finishing university is an achievement to be proud of and certainly deserves a gift which captures this sentiment. Our gifts are unlike the typical gifts we give; they are living, lasting. and full of meaning. Wish them luck for the next exciting chapter in their lives with a plant gift.


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Send a Unique Graduation Gifts

Make their graduation special with a gift to be remembered. Our Unique Graduation Gifts are perfect for those finishing their academic life and planning to pursue a masters or a career. They can watch your gift grow for years to come, a living reminder of your love.

Give a graduate our Yucca Plant to congratulate them for their accomplishments. The Yucca is a symbol of new opportunities and its evergreen leaves look resplendent year-round. It’s delivered in a recycled plastic pot and can be placed out in the home upon arrival.

Our Rubber Plant is both a quirky and memorable gift. It is treasured for its large, glossy evergreen leaves and represents wealth, abundance and happiness. This unique indoor plant is the perfect gift for a recent graduate.

Give friends and family the chance to pick homegrown oranges with our Orange Tree Gift. This dainty indoor tree has gorgeous evergreen leaves and can grow fragrant blossom and succulent oranges in any season. In Chinese culture, orange trees are given as gifts to wish good luck and wealth which is a lovely sentiment for graduation gifts.

Order in time for their graduation and add a personalised card. Our devoted gardeners will carefully handpick your unique present and beautifully gift-wrap it.