March Tree of the Month 2019 | Star Magnolia Tree

Give the best gift possible this month and send our March Tree of the Month. March is the start of spring and when the garden starts to come back to life The Tree of the Month for March 2019 is the Star Magnolia Tree.


If you’ve got a friend or family member with a birthday in March, read on as this will be a brilliantly special birthday gift as the tree will produce lovely white flowers every year close to their birthday.


Tree of the Month of March


The Magnolia Stellata may be small but big things are to be expected from this beautiful flowering tree. The blossoms are large with an abundance of petals and look like shimmering stars on bare winter branches when they bloom.


The Star Magnolia can produce blossom from a young age and blooms early in the season. The flowers can be expected from the end of March and they will last on the tree for a couple of weeks. The summer foliage is lush green and sometimes copper in colour. A treat for both March Weddings and Birthdays.


They are lightly scented, bright white in colour the elongated petals make this the perfect tree to send someone on their birthday in March. Not only is it great for birthdays, but the blossom also makes this a gift fit for many occasions, whether that's a spring wedding, anniversary or housewarming gift.


The overall tree is compact and will make the perfect gift for someone who has a small to medium sized garden. If there’s no room to plant in the garden, worry not. The star magnolia can thrive in a pot and would be a welcome addition to a decking or patio.


One of the best trees to send this March by far, loved ones will wake up year after year to gorgeous blossom just like an everlasting bunch of flowers. They will be shining on the branches, brightening up the garden day and night.


Our trees are all hand selected gift wrapped and packed up with your choice of a personalised greetings card ready to be delivered around the UK and Ireland.