April Gifts Guide

Spring is a great time to send something from our April Birthday Gift Ideas. Choose an unusual, lifelong gift for occasions this month. From birthdays, weddings and anniversaries friends and family won’t be able to wipe the smile on their face when they receive a gift that is perfect for this fresh, spring month.

Now that the garden is flourishing once more it’s the perfect time to send one of our unique April Gifts. Browse our choices for trees and plants that look stunning throughout spring and will last for many years to come.


April Birthday Gift Ideas


Tea Plant Gift


Tea Plant Camellia Sinensis

This April we have featured our Tea Plant Gift as our April Tree of the Month. While we know it’s not technically a tree we just love it so much we couldn’t resist and it’s definitely the top plant to send this season! The Camellia sinensis variety is responsible for many of our favourite teas including green, black, white and oolong tea.

The very first flush of leaves in spring are the ones most valuable in the harvest. Throughout April the leaves will produce clear, bright and flavoursome teas that are often considered the most premium of all the teas. Check out our guide on how to grow your own tea at home for more information on how to dry and process the leaves.

Tea plants are evergreen so look lovely year-round but as this is the start of the growing season the plants will be looking extra lush throughout April. The plants are compact and perfect for growing in a container, adding a splash of greenery to a patio garden. Over time as it grows it will provide an abundance of new leaves each year. They are easy to look after and just require well-drained soil with an ericaceous feed every now and again throughout the growing season.

Delivery Tip: The perfect time for a tea plant. It can be placed in the garden straight away or planted into a pot and placed out on the patio.


Tulip Magnolia Tree Gift


Tulip Magnolia Tree Blossom

The Tulip Magnolia is a beauty to behold. The large blooms are extremely unique with a flushed pink colour. Magnolia trees bloom in early spring filling the air with their pleasantly light fragrance. The tree should be coming into full bloom right about now and will be the centre of attention in the garden.

Imagine having stunning blooms in the garden on and around your birthday in April year after year, just like an everlasting bunch of flowers. Not long after the blooms have appeared the tree will start to regrow its leaves, bursting back to life ready for the summer months.

Tulip magnolia trees can grow quite large and reaching heights of around 20-30ft (6-9m). However, as they are slow growing variety they can be grown as a specimen tree in a pot for many years until fully grown. The tree is easy to look after and will provide endless joy every season.


Lemon Tree Gift


Lemon Tree Gift

Send a scrumptious Lemon Tree gift for a birthday in April. The tree is super productive often fruiting and flowering 4 times a year! The zesty lemons are a delight to the senses.

As lemon trees are usually from shores much warmer than ours, when grown in the UK they don’t tend to follow a specific fruiting season. Mostly fruiting in winter the trees will continue to ripen into the spring meaning the recipient will have lemons to hand to pick on their birthday. Just in time for a birthday G&T or maybe even a delicious lemon birthday cake.

Our Lemon varieties are established trees in 5L pots and of extremely high quality. They will brighten up a conservatory or porch with colourful fruits and zesty fragrances.

Delivery Tip: Once delivered the tree should be kept indoors away from central heating with good light and ventilation. Once the weather warms into summer it can be placed outside.


Olive Bush Gift


Olive Bush on a Step

Our Olive Bush Gift is steeped in mythology and the perfect gift idea for a birthday in April. They are easy to look after, low maintenance and slow-growing making them the best gift for a novice gardener and also a foodie.

Olive bushes can be planted in a pot and grown out in the garden where it can bask for up to 6 hours a day in the summer sun. Olive varieties can bloom from mid-spring onwards which will be a welcome site ever April. If your olive plant gets enough sun throughout the year then a delicious crop of olives can be expected in the autumn.

Olive branches are a symbol of friendship and peace-giving the perfect sentiment to a gift for a special friend on their birthday. The trees are known to live for thousands of years making the most a unique and long-lasting gift.


Delivery Tip: Once delivered place the olive bush outside in a sheltered location. Plant in a new pot and place on the patio or decking in summer when the sun is shining.


Willow Tree Gift


Celtic Tree Calendar - 15th April - 12th May

Willow Tree Leaves

The Zodiac tree for May is the Willow. This tree rules between the lunar month between the dates of 15th April - 12th May. The willow tree is also known as the “Tree of Enchantment” and is a smaller UK native variety. It thrives in damp areas and makes a beautiful specimen tree to be planted by a stream.

At this time of the year, the sapling will just be bursting to life with catkins and new green buds. The branches on the willow are reddish brown with rusty coloured hairs on the underside of the leaves.

Great for medium or large sized gardens. The Grey Willow Tree is a gift that will last and bring joy to an April birthday year after year. It is easy to look after and once planted it will grow into a beautiful tree with strong, flexible branches.

Read more about the Celtic Tree Calendar and what it means to be born under the sign of the willow.

Delivery Tip: Deliver straight to the recipient on their birthday while it is bursting with life and ready to be planted. Plant in a large pot

Read our gardening jobs for April for tips and tricks on how to care for your new tree or plant gifts.