Happy New Year Gifts

Start a loved one’s year off right with a gift from our Happy New Year Gifts range. This collection is made up of gorgeous evergreen trees and plants for indoor and outdoor spaces. Each of them is living, lasting, and truly meaningful, some of them even clean the air of toxins to reduce headaches, illness, and fatigue. Perfect for the January detox.


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Send a Unique New Year Gift Idea

Looking after a tree or plant from our New Year Gifts range is a splendid resolution. These fruiting, flowering, and flourishing gifts offer resplendent beauty to be enjoyed all-year-round. Browse our range and find the perfect gifts for friends and family.

Give someone special our Monstera deliciosa Plant to welcome them into the new year. This indoor evergreen offers the perfect blend of tropical and contemporary style. It arrives in a pot and trendy, waterproof bag for easy display. Its leaves look gorgeous all-year-round and happily clean the air of toxins, giving its recipient a refreshing start to the year.

Send an Orange Tree Gift to friend and family as a New Years Gift. This dainty, fruiting tree has lush evergreen leaves all-year-round and can produce sweet-scented blossom and delicious oranges in any season. Oranges are a popular gift for Chinese New Year as they are a symbol of happiness, wealth and abundance.

Many typical new years resolutions are to get back on the health kick. Send a new year gift that’ll help with this in the form of our delightful Lemon Tree Gift. Friends and family can happily harvest fresh lemons throughout the year to add to glasses of fresh iced water to drink.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.