Indoor Plant Gifts

Browse our range of Indoor Plants Gift to enrich a loved one’s home or your own with effortless style. These designer Indoor Plants complement urban spaces, balancing that which is contemporary with all that is exotic and evergreen. Many of them happily clean the air you breathe, looking out for your well-being all while looking beautiful. Rest assured, you and your friends and family will love them.

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Buy Trend-Led Indoor Plants as Gifts

We have all manner of easy to grow Indoor Plants to complement all manner of indoor spaces. Discover an array of real, living gifts, each with unique shapes and beauty to leave you and friends enamoured. Our plants are cosy in city flats and suburban homes, turning drab spaces into urban jungles with their substantial size. They even clean the air you breathe, benefiting your well-being.

Our Rubber Plant is treasured for its brilliantly stacked leaves. Each one is glossy and green, leaning outwards from a single stem - their soft curves are perfect for covering harsh indoor corners, As a symbol of abundance, happiness, and wealth, it is a pleasure to give for birthdays and housewarmings.

Buy a Swiss Cheese Plant and you won't be able to stop admiring it. This plant takes its quirky name after the holes and perforations on its leaves. The leaves are broad and happily fill spaces, so give it some room to grow. Oh, and NASA has even approved its brilliant air-purifying abilities.

Our Calathea Plant is probably our most animated, living house plants. This clever plant opens its leaves by day, revealing marvellous patterns and soaking in natural light, then closes them by night to rest like us. Like our other plants, it also purifies the air you breathe, reducing the risk of headaches, fatigue, and illness.

Our House Plants thrive indoors with a steady temperature, so avoid rooms with central heating, fireplaces, and radiators. Each plant flourishes in different strengths of light, but bright indirect sunlight is fine. Clean the leaves every now and then with a damp cloth and mist them with water. Also, let the top 1 inch of soil dry between watering.

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