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Send a gift from our range of Orange Trees & Plants. This vibrant and stimulating colour is exceptionally striking when it appears in nature. Its warm and positive symbolism makes gifts bearing orange colour a joy to give and receive. Browse our range and find a gift that is right for the person or occasion you need it for.

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The colour orange is associated with joy, warmth, creativity, and expression, as well as so many other positive sentiments, so our Orange Coloured Trees and Plants are meaningful for so many occasions.

Our Orange Tree Gift is a favourite amongst our customers. Its evergreen leaves remain lush all year-round, but, most importantly, it produces sweet scented blossom and bright, delicious oranges. Birthdays and celebrations are brilliant times to give this gift. We also have Satsuma Trees, and Mini Calamondin Trees if they’d prefer!

Our Orange Dream Japanese Maple Tree Gift is a spectacular piece of the Japanese landscape. Its leaves have both striking shape and colour. changing from light green, to yellow, to bright orange in autumn. This enchanting display certainly stands out from our British deciduous greenery. Maples are symbols of strength, endurance, and fertility, perfect sentiments for anniversaries.

If you know their favourite colour is orange when why not send it to them on our Favourite Colour Happy Birthday Rose Bush. Choose the colour of the rose bush and personalise with a card. The bright orange blooms that arrive in spring invigorate any garden with natural beauty and enticing fragrances,

Order one of our Orange Gifts now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.