Gifts for Mum

We have a lovely selection of gifts for mum to choose from. Give your Mum a UK grown tree - a meaningful, long lasting gift idea.

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Finding Presents for Mum

How exactly do you find that perfect present for mum? You know, the one that says thank you for looking after me? Well admit, buying presents for mums isnt always easy, most things seem inadequate or you dont want to get her another random gift that will sit in the back of the cupboard for ages.

Were happy to admit that weve got it sussed. We know that mums dont need loads of kitsch, they dont need another salad spinner or immersion blender - all they really want is something meaningful and useful. Choosing the perfect present for mum begins with knowing exactly what it is she likes and what she needs.

In 2011, researchers found that most mums spend an average of 27,250 hours doing household chores[1] and of that time, they spend 4,155 hours shopping for food alone! Clearly, short of giving mum more hours (or more hands) to get everything done, giving them a method to cut down on the amount of time spent doing chores would be the next best thing. Weve all heard mums say that all they want is a few more hours spent with the family. If your mum has ever mentioned this, then we have the perfect gift suggestion: a fruit-bearing tree.

One of our fruit-bearing trees would free up some of that supermarket time. Instead of popping down to the local shop for orange tree gifts and apples, mum could just nip into her back garden and have fresh, home-grown fruit! Plus, shell get the added bonus of thinking of you with each piece of fruit picked; now isnt that sweet? From apple trees to cherry trees, lemon trees to kiwi vines and plum trees, we can help mum make sure you and the family get your five a day without spending ages in the shop.

If your mum is already a keen gardener with a grove of fruit-bearing trees then why not consider one of our beautiful flowering plants? From beauty-boosting Butterfly Japense Maple to the dainty pink Prunus and bold, blooming roses, we are certain you can find the perfect unique gift for your mum that she will cherish.