Silver Trees & Plants

Choose a gift from our range of Silver Plants & Trees to bring metallic-grey sophistication to any home or garden. Silver has enduring symbolism, making gifts with this colour truly meaningful for special occasions, especially 25th silver anniversaries.

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Browse our Silver Plants as Gifts

The colour silver is associated with sophistication, gracefulness, glamour, and wealth. Browse our range of Silver Plants and Trees and find the right gift for the occasion or person you need it for.

Give our Silver 25th Anniversary Rose Bush Gift to your soulmate or a happy couple you know for their 25th wedding anniversary. Its immaculate white roses complement its exquisite, dark green leaves and release delicate fragrances all summer long. This floribunda variety is adored by customers as it continuously flowers all season.

Our Silver Birch Tree Gift is in our native sapling range, a fully hardy tree that loves our terrible British. It is treasured for its paper white bark and silver name. Its natural beauty certainly stands out from the typical greenery of the UK and its symbolism of goodwill make it ideal for wishing someone well. Give it for christenings, silver anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays.

Our Common Beech Tree is associated with nurturing and wisdom and is known as the ‘Mother of the Woods’. Its bark develops a silver sheen and stands out from many other trees native to the UK and its hardiness means it is easy to grow. Give this gift for Mother’s Day or for mum’s birthday!

Order any of our silver tree or plant gifts with a personalised card and nominate a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.