Evergreen Tree Gifts

Send a loved one a gift from our Evergreen Trees range. These trees and plants are treasured for their resplendent leaves that remain on their branches throughout the year, even during winter. For gifts that are living, lasting, full of meaning, and have year-round natural beauty, our evergreens are the perfect option.

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Evergreen Trees Delivered as Gifts

Our wide range of evergreens has a natural style that lasts all-year-round, unlike our Deciduous Trees. Give a living gift to a loved one for winter occasions or as an ornamental tree for their garden. We even offer indoor Evergreen Trees that produce delicious fruit for picking, slicing, and eating.

Send our Kaffir Lime Tree Gift to friends or family. This potted fruit tree arrives with a slender trunk and branches adorned with evergreen leaves. Oh, and fragrant blossom and zesty limes can grow any time of year. Simply place it in a bright, airy, unheated room and water when the topsoil dries. 

Our Half Standard Olive Tree Gift is a superb ornamental and culinary gift. It boasts an effortlessly Mediterranean style with its slender trunk and round bunch of silver-green leaves. Olives are ripe and ready to be picked every autumn, they are delicious after being cured.

Generally, our outdoor evergreen plants and trees are fully hardy in our UK climate. Simply pot or plant them in a sunny, sheltered spot with well-drained soil. As for our indoor trees, place them in a bright, airy, unheated room. If it is producing fruit, water regularly.

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