Trees & Plants for Conservatories

Find a gift from our Trees & Plants for Conservatories range. These charming trees happily fit indoors, enriching homes with natural beauty, fragrant blossom, and delicious fruit. Nothing quite compares to a living, lasting, and meaningful gift. We promise you won’t regret it.

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Guide to Choosing Trees & Plants for Conservatories

Browse or delightful Trees for Conservatories range. These living gifts liven up homes with their natural splendour and watching them grow is fulfilling in ways other gifts aren’t.

Customers love our Orange Tree Gift. This citrus tree produces vibrant oranges and boats lush evergreen leaves all year-round. Picking, slicing, and squeezing homegrown oranges is both simple and satisfying.

Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree makes a wonderful addition to the conservatory. This substantial indoor plant is 3ft tall and looks fantastic placed in a corner of the room bringing natural style year-round.

Give our Chinotto Tree Gift to lovers of cocktails. The juice from the fruit this tree produces is often used as a base in drinks, making this a standout gift for birthdays and housewarmings.

Generally, our Trees for Conservatories are evergreen, so their leaves remain lush all year-round. Water regularly during the summer months but let the soil dry partially between waterings in winter. Don’t place them near central heating as it spoils the humidity and causes dramatic temperature changes.

Order an Indoor Tree now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. Our devoted gardeners will handpick a healthy tree and beautifully gif-wrap it.