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Bay Tree Gifts

Browse our beautiful range of Bay Tree Gifts. These trees are both culinary and ornamental, offering evergreen leaves for year-round beauty and aromatic flavour in Mediterranean recipes. Loved ones can place these gifts in gardens or on patios and balconies and watch them grow for years to come. Nothing is quite as fulfilling as our living and lasting gifts.


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Mediterranean Tree Gifts
Popular Occasions
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3 products

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Mediterranean Tree Gifts
Popular Occasions

3 products

Order High Quality Bay Trees for Delivery

Customers love our Bay Trees for their Mediterranean beauty and aromatic leaves. They are an absolute pleasure to give and receive for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. Bay Trees were symbols of strength and courage in ancient Greece and were said to have protective properties.

Send our Small Bay Tree Gift to a loved one. Its plaited stem holds a beautiful bunch of evergreen leaves. The leaves look lush all year round and release aromatic flavour when put in recipes. Since the best things come in pairs and small packages, we also offer a Pair of Small Bay Trees which are the perfect gift to place either side of patio doors.

Our The Twisted Bay Tree is one of our most luxuriant gifts. The slender trunk spirals round, holding up a round bunch of evergreen bay leaves. Place it on a patio, beside a door, or in the garden to enrich spaces with unique shapes and style. Oh, and the leaves can still be picked for recipes!

The Laurus nobilis variety is generally hardy in the UK. Plant or pot them in well-drained soil with shelter and full sun. In particularly cold frost the tree may need extra protection.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift wrapping. Get free delivery on orders over £99.


Are Bay Tree Leaves Edible?

Yes, Bay Tree leaves are a staple herb in many cuisines and are perfectly edible, just pluck a couple from the Bay Tree gift, wash them off and add them to a dish. For this reason, the Bay Tree Gift is a great option for people who enjoy cooking and time in the kitchen.

Should a Bay Tree Gift be Potted?

Bay Trees are hardy in the UK, meaning that they can thrive in many environments. If your recipient wishes to plant their Bay Tree gift in their garden then the tree will be perfectly happy in any border with the space to establish itself. On the other hand, Bay Tree gifts thrive in pots and look luxurious when placed by doorways and patios.