Special Occasion Gifts

Send something unique from our Special Occasion Gifts range to mark those worthwhile moments in life. We have all manner of trees, plants, and rose bushes to choose from, each with unique symbolism to complement the occasion you need it for. Friends and family will cherish these living gifts for years to come.

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Gifts for Special Occasions

Whether you’re gearing up to celebrate a christening, an engagement, a retirement, a milestone birthday or just want to say thank you to someone you love, special occasions demand special gifts. Gifts that make the recipient feel special and appreciated and gifts that do not damage the environment.

Our tree, plant and flower themed gifts are just what you’re looking for if you’re in the market for something quirky and unique. They won't get used up within a week, won't get lost in the back of a cupboard or beneath a bed, and they’re virtually impossible to re-gift! Could it be that we have uncovered the perfect present? We certainly think so!

Why a tree gift? Because trees are important; trees are really long lasting and help to provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe and we think they’re underrated. Trees also provide us with lots of the food we eat, their relatives, flowers are used to brighten rooms and can help to improve the health of patients in the hospital.

Given our extensive collection of trees (we literally have hundreds for you to choose from), were certain that you can find something for that special occasion, no matter who it's for. Wouldn’t mum love it if she could just reach over and pick a fresh, ripe lemon from her own plant instead of heading down to the shops?

Nan is certain to get excited about the idea of making her famous apple crumble with home grown apples and were convinced all granddads love the idea of popping a mouthful of nuts grown by their own hand. Dads are certain to want a break from receiving the usual tie or joke gift and embrace receiving a sturdy tree gift to plant in his garden, like a protective shield over his family.

There is a tree gift out there for everyone and for every special occasion; we promise. Have a browse through our site and see what you can find; if you need a bit more direction, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. Wed love to help and answer any queries you may have.