Citrus Trees as Gifts

Our selection of Citrus Trees is full of evergreen splendour and zesty flavour. For friends and family who enjoy cooking, owning a citrus tree is an absolute delight. Every year brings another bounty of fragrant white flowers and delicious fruits, from lemons and limes to oranges and grapefruits. Our range of citrus varieties are Italian grown and of the highest quality.

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All of our citrus plants are evergreen, so there leaves remain lush and exquisite all year round. This makes them superb for ornamentation but it’s their delicious fruit they are cherished for. Every summer brings a bounty of ripe citrus fruit for slicing, juicing, or adding zest to recipes. These gifts are not only gorgeous, but they are also lasting and fulfilling for stomach and mind.

In spring, our citrus trees produce white blossom. Their fragrance can’t be understated, it is strong, sweet, and a pleasure when it fills patios and conservatories.

Our Lemon Tree Gift is an enduring symbol of cleansing, freshness, and healing. Treat loved ones to this culinary gift for birthdays and housewarmings and they’ll able to pick bright yellow lemons throughout the year. Their recipes will be enriched with zest and flavour.

If that special someone prefers oranges, consider getting them our Orange Tree Gift. It is a joy to know they can slice and juice delicious oranges throughout the year or simply admire their vibrant colour.

If you’d like to give something that is more unusual, consider our Buddha’s Hand Tree Gift. This Asian delight is given as an offering at Buddhist temples and Buddha himself was said to admire its bizarre fruit. Besides being an evergreen, ornamental tree, it is also a symbol of good fortune. What better way to wish someone well than with a bounty of quirky fruit.

Generally, our Citrus Trees are for potted growth in a greenhouse, porch, conservatory away from central heating. From the end of June to September, Citrus Trees can be grown outdoors and make wonderful patio plants but must be protected from any unexpected frost. Be sure to water them well in the summer months but don’t overwater in winter.

Order yours in time for a birthday or celebration and let loved ones grow their own citrus! Add a personalised card and choose the special day for delivery. We'll handle the gift-wrapping.