May Gifts Guide

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Now that we’re in the midst of spring it’s the perfect time to choose a gift from our May Gifts Guide. Whether you’re looking for something for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings we have a selection of unique gifts that really do last a lifetime.

This month is when we really start to see everything coming back to life. Our May Gift Ideas are something that will put love into the hearts and gardens of the people we cherish the most.


5 May Birthday Gift Ideas


Lavender Plant Gift


Lavender Plant Gift

Our lovely little Lavender Plant is our May Tree of the Month. While we say it’s a plant it is actually a mini stem tree that is all potted up in a 1.5L pot. It will be delivered gift wrapped and can be enjoyed in the garden or on the patio as soon as it’s received.

Lavender becomes the most fragrant from late spring to early summer so this is the perfect birthday gift idea for late May time. This plant would be the ideal choice for someone who either loves cooking or aromatherapy and will enjoy using sprigs of the herb throughout the year.

Want something just a little bit extra, we combined the mini stem lavender with a thyme and rosemary plant to create the ultimate herb garden gift that has also been extremely popular throughout the month of May.

Delivery Tip: Boxed up and delivered straight the recipient gift wrapped. Once the box is opened fragrant aromas will be released into the air.


Enkan Japanese Maple Tree Gift


Enkan Japanese Maple Tree

The Enkan Japanese Maple Tree has delicate foliage that is deep red in colour. At this time of year, they are becoming lush and leafy with the new foliage starting out green and older leaves a contrasting deep burgundy colour. The Enkan Acer will bring colourful interest throughout the year, the tree will standing out from the rest of the vibrant green foliage.

The tree can be planted in a pot or out in the garden and is the perfect birthday gift for a novice gardener. The graceful shape and delicate leaves will make a wonderful and colourful addition to the garden.

Delivery Tip: More and more new leaves on the Enkan Japanese Maple will start to unfurl. The tree can be delivered directly to the recipient and placed out in the garden to be enjoyed by all.


Elder Tree Gift


Elder Tree Gift

The Elder Tree is known for flowering around May time. These flowers can be used to flavour the ever-popular Elderflower cordial or even a cheeky elderflower gin! An amazing gift idea for someone who loves a tipple if you ask us!

This little multi-stemmed tree is perfect for smaller gardens and can even be grown in a pot with regular prunings. It is easy to look after and is hardy to UK weather conditions as it is native throughout the British Isles. Perfect for people without much experience in the gardening department.

This tree will be long-lasting and will attract plenty of wildlife to the garden producing an abundant crop of flowers and elderberries year after year.

Delivery Tip: Direct delivery to the recipient is the best option. It can be unwrapped on their special day and placed straight out into the spring garden.


Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree


Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree Gift

May is a month for fresh, new life and plenty of blossoms. Our Japanese Flowering Cherry tree is a kanzan variety and is one of the most celebrated of the ornamental cherries. It is a symbol of lasting friendship making it a wonderful gift to send to a close friend on their birthday in May.

The blossoms produced will start to bloom in May and the buds will open to reveal showy pastel pink petals. These are closely followed by beautiful copper leaves that turn bright green in the summer.

The tree can grow to around a height of 6m (20ft) so is suited to medium and large gardens. For a smaller version, we also have a dwarf Japanese Flowering Cherry. Once planted in a sunny spot in the garden, the tree requires minimal care and will live for up to 30 years.

Delivery Tip: This tree is delivered in a 10L pot, order it straight to the recipient so they can unwrap it from the box and place it straight out in the garden to be admired.


Hawthorn Tree Gift


Hawthorn Tree Gifts

The tree zodiac from the Celtic Tree Calendar for this month is the Hawthorn. This sign rules the lunar month between the dates of May 13th - 9th June.

It is a tree said to represent true love and commitment so would be the perfect birthday gift for a partner. The tree is often called the “May tree” as it produces beautiful white blossoms from May onwards providing the garden with interest.

Hawthorn berries are used to make jelly and wine which is the perfect tree for an aspiring chef. Regular pruning will keep the tree at a manageable size for the garden.

Delivery Tip: Spring is a wonderful time for all our little tree saplings. They are ready to be planted and will be full and leafy as soon as all the buds have opened!

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