Personalised Birthday Gifts

Surprise a loved one with one of our Personalised Birthday Gifts. We offer a delightful variety of personalised trees, plants, and rose bushes, each with unique symbolism and natural beauty. Choose living and lasting birthday gifts that hold lots of meaning for both you and their recipient. Add a beautiful personalised birthday card at the checkout to make your gift more sincere and intimate.

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Birthday Gifts Buying Guide

In many ways, birthdays are the most important occasions; celebrations of a person’s birth and life. Birthdays are about one person on one day. As such, gifts that are given should be sincere, meaningful, and personalised, not generic and forgettable. Gifts should express love and gratitude and connect with sentiments shared by the giver and recipient.

That is why you should give a  tree, plant, or rose bush as the ultimate birthday gift idea! Our personalised birthday gifts grow with their recipient for years to come and their enduring symbolism makes giving them a meaningful gesture. Whether it's a 1st birthday, 30th birthday, or 80th birthday, we have gifts for every person and milestone.

Commemorate the birth of your grandchild, niece, or nephew with a Native Sapling. This gift will grow  year after year in the garden of your recipient. This hardy gift is perfect when planted in a garden or large pot and is a beautiful gift, even if your recipient is not naturally green-fingered!. Years from now, when the sapling has matured, loved ones can sit under the shade of its leaves in summer heat, pick nuts from its branches, and watch as the leaves turn burnt orange every autumn.

Customers love to give our Fruit Trees for birthdays as they are truly gifts that keep on giving. Every year greets the owner of a fruit tree with fragrant blossom, lush leaves, and bounties of delicious fruit.