Willow Tree Gifts

The symbolism of the willow tree has changed and evolved over centuries. It has been known to represent grief, healing and immortality making it an appropriate gift for a wide variety of occasions. Our willow tree gifts are a stunning alternative to usual traditional gifts.

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Large Tree Gift Ideas

Easily recognised for its umbrella like frame and long, low-hanging branches, willow trees are something to behold. They are water loving and prefer to be planted in wet, marshy areas. They are often found planted on floodplains as a way to soak up all the extra water.

Being one of the fastest growing trees in the world (up to 10 ft per year!) means that can have an extremely large root system. They have been known to break through water pipes they come into contact with. This makes them better suited to large open landscapes where they can be allowed to grow.

The pussy willow is probably the most well known of its kind and most famous for its beautiful furry catkins. So soft to the touch that they have been likened to pussy cats fur, hence the name. Willows are deciduous trees and when all the leaves have fallen and theres nothing left but the silver tinged buds, it looks like something from a fairy tale.

Most willows originated from parts of Asia but the grey willow tree is native to the UK. Known as the Tree of Enchantment hundreds of years ago, the wood was often used to make magical wands for witchcraft and wizardry. Give the gift of magic in the form of tree and get free next day delivery on orders over £99. What are you waiting for?