Gifts for Grandma

Send Grandma a gift that grows! If your Grandma enjoys getting out into the garden, what better gift to send than a tree, shrub or rose bush. Take a look at our gifts for grandma below.

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Special Gifts for Grandma

Nan, Nanna, Grandma or Granny. No matter what we call them, our grandmothers tend to be important people in our lives. They are often associated with fond memories and feelings of comfort and love, over the years, those feelings deepen and evolve into proper friendships, with many of us caring for our grandmothers as they continue to mature in life.

When it comes to buying a gift for grandma, you want something that you know she will appreciate and love; something acknowledges your gratitude for everything she has contributed to your life. To be blunt, you want to purchase a wonderful grandma present.

Since most of our grandmas nowadays hail from a time when Britain was strapped in war, they are pinnacles of frugality, possessing the ability to save seemingly every wasted morsel and reinvent it into something usable. If your Grandmother has a penchant for reclaiming and is conscious of her impact on the planet, then one of our sustainable tree gifts like our beautiful Bramley Apple Tree would make the perfect present for her.

Our Bramley Apple Tree is just one of our many fruit-bearing trees available for next day delivery. It will provide your grandmother will hours of enjoyment - both in the garden and in the kitchen. Whats more important is that this true and all others on this page are easy to maintain, which means your granny won't have to spend ages in the garden. By following our care instructions (provided with every tree gift purchased) your Grandmother will be just a few harvests away from reaping the benefits of an easy-to-maintain gift or plant chosen especially for her.

Of course, our selection of perfect presents for grans doesn't just involve fruit-bearing trees. We have an extensive range of other plants including pink magnolias and rose bushes. All of which are equally easy to maintain and produce lovely blossoms and plants that are sure to brighten up your grandmas home and her garden.