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Browse our range of Low Light Plants for darker and moody rooms. These exotic plants only need a small amount of light but they look resplendent all the same. Their evergreen leaves happily clean the air you breathe to make your home or workplace fulfilling for mind and body, all while looking beautiful. Rest assured, you won’t regret treating yourself to our Low Light Indoor Plants.

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Decorate darker and shaded spaces with our Low Light Plants. These Indoor Plants don’t need that much light, so rooms that don’t directly see the sunrise or sunset can still be turned into urban jungles. Not only that, these delightful plants are easy to grow and clean the air you breathe, reducing the risk of headaches, illness, and fatigue.

Our Calathea Plant thrives in bright indirect light but can survive in low to moderate light conditions. It has patterned leaves that open by day to bask in any light and close at night to rest. Keep the leaves misted and clean and let the top 1 inch of soil dry between waterings - this plant will care for you as much as you care for it.

Our Swiss Cheese Plant tolerates low light levels fairly well, but will thrive in brighter conditions. The leaves of this plant have holes and perforations, giving them an intriguing shape and effortlessly tropical style.

Our Rubber Plant can tolerate low light levels. This ornate houseplant is a symbol of abundance, happiness, and wealth, Its round leaves soften the harshness of indoor corners and happily clean the air.

Our Low Light Plants are easy to care for. Simply place them in unheated rooms with a level of light they prefer. Mist and clean the leaves every so often and let the top 1 inch of soil dry between waterings. Make sure the soil is well-drained as they don’t thrive in waterlogged conditions.

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