Low Light Indoor Plants

Growing plants in shaded rooms with little light can be a challenge but not to worry. Our selection of low light indoor plants are perfect for lower levels of light making them suitable for shady areas and rooms with north facing windows.

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These plants are perfect for adding greenery to rooms with medium to low light and areas that are shaded. These delightful indoor plant gifts are easy to grow and tend to be found living in dappled shaded areas under the trees of the rainforest meaning they are able to thrive in low light with ease.

The blooming peace lily plant is cherished for its abundance of foliage and white flowers that stand on long, delicate stems. This plant grows best in bright indirect light but will also tolerate a shadier location.

Our swiss cheese plant tolerates low light levels fairly well, but will thrive in brighter conditions. The large heart shaped leaves have holes and perforations, giving them an intriguing shape and effortlessly tropical style.

The indestructible snake plant is the easiest to care for in our low light range and is the perfect choice for a plant newbie. This plant can grow in a variety of different conditions, including lower light. Just ensure not to over water it and watching it flourish is a treat.

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