Unusual Thank You Gifts

Give thanks in a way that will be remembered with our Unusual Thank You Gifts. These appreciative gifts liven up love one’s homes and gardens with splendid life and colours, fragrant flowers, and fresh fruit. Our thank you plants aren’t for throwing away, they are for planting, potting, and watching grow season after season, year after year.


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A Guide to Unusual Thank You Gift Ideas

Say thank you with our unique Thank You Gifts. These living gifts serve as a lasting reminder of your gratitude, flourishing, thriving, and providing fruit, foliage, and flowers. We have all kinds of trees, plants, and rose bushes to choose from, something perfect for that special someone you are thanking.

Give our Lemon Tree Gift to a friend or family member you want to thank. This indoor evergreen tree has lush green foliage all-year-round. Sweet-scented blossom and bright yellow lemons can grow in any season, perfect for squeezing, slicing, and using in drinks and recipes.

Our Thank You Rose Bush Gift has both a beautiful sentiment and seasonal beauty. In late spring, bright pink roses bloom in abundance, enriching the garden with life, colour, and delicate fragrances. This floribunda variety of flowers all summer long, inviting butterflies, birds, and bees to the garden. The flowers return every year as a reminder of your gratitude.

Send our Monstera Plant to friends and family deserving of thanks. This delightful indoor plant has evergreen with the most interesting shapes. It enriches interior spaces with tropical style and happily cleans the air of toxins.

Order now, add a personalised Thank You Card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.