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Buy Truffle Trees as Gifts

Send a gift from our Truffle Trees range to a loved one who loves natural beauty and fine cuisine. These Native Oak and Hazel Trees have been inoculated with British truffle spores, so with the right care and conditions, they produce delicious truffles. These living, lasting, and meaningful gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression and are the perfect gift for a foodie.


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Choosing a Truffle Tree Gift

Customers treasure our Truffle Tree Gifts for their natural beauty and the prized truffles that grow on the roots. Truffles are a type of mushroom that grow under the soil creating a symbiotic relationship to the inoculated trees. The fungus is cherished for its unique flavour making this gift both ornamental and culinary. Perfect for those who appreciate natural beauty and brilliant flavour.

Our Oak Truffle Tree Gift is a Celtic symbol of strength, courage, and wisdom and is known as the ‘Father of the Woods’, the perfect gift for Father’s Day. After some years of growth, this gift can produce prized truffles - unearthing them is truly fulfilling for both stomach and mind! We also offer an Oak Truffle Tree 4 Gift.

Our Hazel Truffle Tree Gift has all the splendour of our Hazel Tree with a culinary twist. This Celtic ‘Tree of Knowledge’ is a symbol of wisdom and inspiration and also produces prized truffles after some years of growth. Give it a loved one who inspires you and they can watch it grow for years to come. We also offer a Hazel Truffle Tree 4 Gift Pack.

These unique tree gifts are ideal for friends and family that would love to have a go at growing their own truffles. With the right care, the tree should start producing truffles after around 5-8 years. The main telltale sign that truffles have grown is the yellowing of moss or slight disturbance in the topsoil around the base of the tree.

Order your unique living gift today, personalise a greetings card and choose a day for delivery. Our devoted gardeners will hand-pick your tree and box it up on the day of dispatch.