Truffle trees

Choose from our small range of native English Oak and Hazel tree saplings that have been inoculated with native truffle fungi. Choose from native English grown Hazel or Oak tree saplings, in single packs, 4 packs or 20 packs. Just plant the saplings into large pots or into the ground and wait for signs of truffles to appear in 5-7 years. A lovely unusual gift idea for foodies!

Buy Truffle Trees Online

Every one of the truffle trees that we send has had native British truffle spores inoculated into the young trees root system. As each tree grows and develops, the truffle fungi helps to support the growth of the tree by supplying important nutrients to the tree, whilst the tree helps to protect the truffle fungi. Truffles may start to appear just under the soil around the base of the tree after about 5-8 years. The tell tale sign that truffles have grown is the yellowing of moss or slight disturbance in the topsoil around the base of the tree. Truffles are one of the most prized foodstuffs in the world, often fetching more money per Kg than Gold! Buy a Truffle tree to send as a gift from Tree2mydoor.