Trees & Plants for Balconies

Send a gift from Trees & Plants for Balconies range. We have all manner of balcony plants and balcony trees to choose from. All of them have a charming size, so even the smallest of spaces can be decorated with our living gifts. Each and every one of them is wonderfully unique, but all of them are lasting and truly meaningful.

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Send Balcony Trees & Plants as Gifts

Create a beautiful balcony garden with our wide range of Trees & Plants for Balconies. The small trees and plants come in a charming size, so even the cosiest of spaces can be adorned with living gifts. We recommend growing these plants on a south-facing balcony to ensure they’re placed in a sunny spot throughout the year.

Send a Half Standard Olive Tree Gift to someone special to liven up their home with Mediterranean style. This dainty, potted tree can happily thrive on a sunny balcony and will even produce delicious olives to be picked, eaten, or put in rich recipes.

Give friends and family our Happy Times Rose Bush Gift to place on their balcony. It produces stunning pink blooms for spring and summer, releasing delicate fragrances for butterflies, birds, and bees. The living gift is perfect for congratulations, celebrations, and remembering happy times.

Our Small Bay Tree Gift is a superb evergreen balcony tree and culinary gift. Its slender, platted trunks and evergreen leaves give it a stylish, Mediterranean appearance. The leaves can be picked and added to recipes for an aromatic flavour all while livening up the outdoor space.

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