Gold Trees & Plants

Choose a gift from our range of Gold Trees & Plants. Gold is a radiant colour that sure to enrich any home or garden. It is an enduring symbol of grandeur, wealth, love, and compassion. Give a living gift with the colour gold to express your love or mark an occasion properly.

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The colour gold is a symbol of love, compassion, wealth, and grandeur. Its high status means it is associated with many traditions and occasions, including anniversaries. Browse our range of Gold Trees and Plants and find the right gift for the occasion or person you need it for.

Give a lucky couple our Golden 50th Anniversary Rose Bush Gift. Such a meaningful occasion deserves a meaningful gift. Every spring and summer is brightened up by radiant yellow flowers and rich green foliage. For those celebrating their golden 50th anniversary, this is the perfect gift. Our rose bushes are UK grown and fully hardy in our terrible weather. Just find a sunny sheltered spot and watch it grow for years to come.

Our Summer Gold Japanese Maple Tree is a resplendent piece of Japan. It happily fits in small gardens, boasting brilliantly-shaped, light green leaves in spring and bright gold leaves in summer and autumn. All these hardy trees needs is sunlight, shelter, and water.

Our Golden King Holly Tree Gift has a sophisticated appearance. Its exquisite green leaves have gold coloured margins. This evergreen tree keeps this appearance all-year-round making it a unique Christmas gift. Simply plant or pot it outdoors and this hardy plant will practically look after itself.

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