Pink Trees & Plants

Choose from our range of Pink Trees and Pink Plants. This gentle colour can often be found on blossom in spring or on the petals of flowers. Pink has a number of symbolic meanings, so you are sure to find the right gift for the person or occasion you need it for.

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The colour pink is associated with tenderness, femininity, and charm. It has a soothing presence, making it a joy to give and receive. Blossoming trees are a delight to give for early spring occasions, whether a loved one is celebrating their birthday, anniversary or wedding day.

Give your partner or a happy couple you know our Pearl 30th Anniversary Rose Bush Gift. The gorgeous flowers it produces are soft pink and a pleasure to touch and smell. Watching them grow for years to come will be an absolute treat for the couple.

Our Pink Perfection Flowering Cherry Tree Gift flaunts an array of cloud pink blossom, Its sweet fragrance and vibrant colour enrich any garden with butterflies, birds, and bees and natural elegance. This cherry blossom tree is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and memorials.

For Mother’s Day and mum’s birthdays, try our Special Mum Rose Bush Gift. Its floribunda roses grow in abundance all summer long, flaunting their bright pink blooms and releasing delicate fragrances for wildlife.

Our Lily Magnolia Tree Gift boasts trumpet-shaped flowers that are almost hot pink in colour. The spring flowers arrive early in the season, closely followed by a burst of beautiful green leaves. This smaller tree is perfect for bringing colour to any size garden.

Order any of our pink flowering tree or plant gifts with a personalised card and nominated day for delivery. Our expert gardeners will handpick a healthy specimen and beautifully gift-wrap it.