May MyTree Story | Your Wedding Day Rose Bush

Our featured MyTree Story for the month of May is from one of our lovely customers, Wendy. She ordered a Your Wedding Day Rose Bush in May 2017 for a friend at work who was soon to be getting married. Her heart was set on choosing a unique gift to make sure it wouldn’t be forgotten about and left to collect dust on the side like so many other types of gifts.


Your Wedding Day Rose BushMay is a fantastic time for sending a rose bush as a gift. While they aren’t in full bloom just yet this is the time they start to come to life. Once delivered the recipient can watch the full process of the flowering shrub come to life blooming just a few short weeks after delivery.


Wendy herself has many named varieties of rose bushes growing in her garden so she liked the idea of finding one that is specially named for the occasion. She had a look around online and started searching for wedding day rose bushes which brought her to us. She saw the Your Wedding Day Rose Bush and thought it was perfect!


She thought it would be a bit of a gamble ordering a plant like this online but said that the website was easy to use and she was able to order it right away. When it arrived she was pleasantly surprised and was overall pleased with the experience and the plant that was received.


She then went on to give the gift to her friend who was over the moon! She described the plant she received as “lush and leafy with plenty of buds ready to burst to life”. It was then only 2-3 weeks before the buds fully bloomed and the bush was in full colour. She was so happy to see that the rose bush was already so well established.


Wendy read up a little more about the rose and found that it was a variety suitable for growing in a pot so she went and found a pot that would go with the rose as an extra part to the gift. The couple now has the rose bush planted in the pot and it is happily growing out on their patio.

Wendy has since been to see the plant and says it is still looking absolutely lovely.


If you have a friend or family member who is planning a spring wedding then the Your Wedding Day Rose Bush is the perfect growing gift for the occasion. The bush will just be coming into bud and the leaves will be lovely and green.


All of our rose bushes are grown right here in the UK making them the best quality for our gardens. They are compact and easy to look after meaning they don’t take up too much space or time but look stunning. For more May gift ideas, check out our May Gifts Guide.


Wendy left us this lovely review on


“Ordering plants like this is always a gamble. The write up said the rose was in bud and a great time to purchase it - they were totally correct. I was so pleased with the purchase - the rose is in beautiful condition and really well established. The delivery was faultless.”