Trees & Plants for Hallways

Browse our range of Trees & Plants for Hallways. These splendid hallway trees and hallway plants are superb for ornamentation, enriching homes with natural beauty, fragrant blossom, and delicious fruit. Giving and receiving these living gifts is an absolute joy and watching them flourish is even more so. Browse our range and find the right gift for the person or occasion you need it for.


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Buy Hallway Plants & Trees as Unique Gifts

Treat a loved one to a gift from our Trees for Hallways range. These living and lasting gifts are truly meaningful, offering natural beauty throughout the year for friends and family to admire.

Customers love our Mini Lemon Tree Gift. This evergreen tree looks lush all year-round and can produce fragrant blossom and bright yellow lemons in any season. Loved ones can pick, slice, and squeeze homegrown lemons, fulfilling their stomach and mind!

Our Large Swiss Cheese Plant fills indoor spaces and provides the perfect balance of exotic and modern style. Its large, perforated leaves offer lush green colour and unique shapes all year-round. This house plant even cleans the air you breathe, making your hallway refreshing and beautiful.

Our Kaffir Lime Tree Gift is a superb ornamental and culinary gift. Its green leaves can be added to recipes for aromatic flavour and its limes can be sliced and squeezed for added zest in food and drinks. Overall, it is just a great hall tree.

Caring for our Indoor Trees and Indoor Plants is easy. Simply place them in a bright and airy room or hallway without central heating - central heating spoils humidity. Let the top 1 inch of soil dry between waterings and make sure the soil can drain.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. Our expert gardeners will handpick a healthy tree or plant and beautifully gift-wrap it.