Fruit and Nut Trees

Our range of Fruit and Nut Trees are culinary gifts that keep on giving. With bounties of fruit and nuts ready to be picked every year and gorgeous leaves and blossom, these gifts are sure to find a cosy place in a loved one’s home or garden. What other gifts are fulfilling for both stomach and mind?

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Give someone special a Fruit or Nut Tree

Caring for your very own tree, watching its fruit or nuts grow, and finally picking them for use in recipes is a simple but satisfying experience. Let a loved one experience this feeling every year by giving them our Fruit and Nut Tree Gifts.

If that special someone enjoys the savoury taste of hazelnuts, they will cherish our Hazel Tree Gift. This charming sapling has lush, green leaves and grey-brown slender trunk. When it matures, it produces hazelnuts every October. For October occasions and culinary gatherings, this gift certainly stands out. The same goes for our English Walnut Tree.

Why not treat your friends and family to our Patio Victoria Plum Tree Gift. Growing your own succulent plums couldn’t be easier. This tree is self-pollinating, happily fits on a patio, and is hardy in the winter months. Simply water well in the summer months and pick fresh plums every August.

Jam-makers and wine-lovers alike love our Gooseberry Bush Gift. It produces an abundance of delicious berries ready to be picked from July to August. This self-fertile gift can fit cosily into small gardens and happily withstands the winter months ready for spring again. Oh, and it is said that babies are born under the Gooseberry bush so this gift can be given for christenings and new baby occasions too.

Most of our trees are easy to grow and produce nice heavy crops, however, please check the care guidelines and ultimate height of our Fruit and Nut Trees before buying so you are sure its recipient can accommodate it.

Order yours, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. Our gardeners will handpick a healthy tree and beautifully gift-wrap it.