Magic Message Beans

Our magic message beans are a fun, novelty gift to send to friends and family on special occasions. The gift set comes complete with a personalised mug, message bean and sachet of vermiculite for planting and germination.

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Plant your very Own Magic Beanstalk

If you're looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary our bean and mug gifts sets are a magical gift that will instantly brighten up someones day.

Each bean is branded with a thoughtful, loving message that will bring a smile to loved one's faces. Not only will they get the joy of receiving such a unique gift but they'll have fun planting and nurturing their beanstalk watching it grow along with the message. It really is like pure magic.

We have created gift sets with customisable mugs so the gift will be truly unique and perfect for so many occasions whether its to say congratulations or I Love You!

For some other small gifts with a big impact check out our wildflower seed bags, they're beautiful mixes of native wildflower seeds that can be sown out in the garden to come back year after year like an everlasting bunch of flowers.

Our beans can be delivered to friends and family around the UK and Ireland. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.