Driveway Trees & Plants

Find a little help choosing tree gifts for growing beside doorsteps and driveways. Our charming range of driveway trees and driveway plants happily fit into small spaces, offering ornamentation and natural beauty throughout the year. Unlike other gifts, they are living, lasting, and full of meaning, making them an absolute joy to give and receive.

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Buy High-Quality Doorstep Trees & Plants

Send a gift from our range of driveway plants. These living gifts are lush and sophisticated, making them superb for ornamentation and the overall style of a home. Friends and family will be overjoyed with such an alternative and meaningful gesture.

If good things come in pairs and small packages, buy our Pair of Bay Tree Gifts. These evergreen trees flaunt lush colour all year-round. Place them beside the front door for a lavish entrance and pick the aromatic leaves for flavour in recipes.

Our Olive Tree Gift is an exceptional culinary and ornamental gift. It has evergreen leaves for year-round splendour, fragrant blossom in spring, and ripe olives in October. Picking them for Mediterranean inspired recipes and admiring them on the doorstep is an absolute delight.

Many of our gifts are easy to care for, just check the guidelines and preferred conditions of a gift before buying it. Fortunately, our Trees for Doorsteps & Driveways don’t require much room, so anyone can enjoy them.

Order now, add a personalised card, and choose a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.