Acer Trees for Gifts

Take a look at our small range of Acers available to send as gifts to your friends and family. Beautiful Acer trees make brilliant gifts for your very special occasion. Choose a personalised greetings card and send a tree today.

Acer trees - why they make the perfect gift

Acer trees or maple trees have the most beautiful foliage on them. Put an acer in your garden, like our Phoenix maple tree and it will bring you joy for many years to come. Acers tend to not be as large as many of our native tree gifts and are therefore suited to medium sized gardens. Our Phoenix maple tree, orange dream maple and fireglow japanese maple are all medium sized trees and will grow to around 20ft in height when fully matured. Acer trees are known for their spectacular colouring in Autumn in particular, bringing an explosion of colour and life into the garden.