Acer Trees as Gifts

Our range of Acer Trees captures character and natural beauty unique to the Asian continent, making them exceptional ornamental trees that stand out from the UK’s typical deciduous greenery. Their array of leaf colour and shape makes them fitting gifts for so many occasions. Explore the varieties we have to offer, you’ll most definitely discover one you love and fits the occasion you need it for.

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Send an Acer Tree as a Gift

Autumn is when our Acers show their true colours; from luminous pinks and yellows to moody reds and purples. This season alone makes our Acer Trees a superb gift. Fortunately, autumn returns every year so loved ones can admire this gift.

Are you searching for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift? All of our Acer Trees have meaningful symbolism and are enchanting enough to fit the occasion, but some do more so than others. Our Enkan Japanese Maple Tree, Garnet Japanese Maple Tree, and Emerald Lace Japanese Maple Tree have colour and names ideal for landmark anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you need a graduation or congratulations gift? Our Phoenix Japanese Maple Tree has colours reminiscent of a burning Phoenix and links to success, rebirth, and accomplishment. Students, award-winners, and people with new jobs find this gift exceedingly meaningful.

Acer Trees are generally slow growing and have a compact size meaning they are suitable for small and medium gardens or even for potted growth on patios and driveways: less responsibility, more natural beauty.

Acer palmatum and Acer japonicum flourish in cool areas with moist, well-drained, and slightly acidic soil and protection from strong winds. It is slow growing and shrub-like (broader than they are tall), making them ideal for small gardens. Full sun can scorch the leaves and spoil their colour, so make sure they are partially shaded in the afternoon. It can be grown in a pot and generally doesn’t need pruning.

Order now and add a personalised card and choose a day for delivery. Our high-quality trees are hand picked by our devoted gardeners on the day of dispatch, beautifully gift-wrapped, and made ready for next day delivery across the UK and Ireland.