Unique Retirement Gifts

Let a loved one know it is time to enjoy the fruits of their labour with our Unique Retirement Gifts. Our living gifts are respectful for enough for such a landmark in life and they can watch them grow for years to come. Each and every one of them is wonderfully unique, but all of them are living, lasting, and full of meaning.

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The trees, plants, and rose bushes in our Retirement Gifts range have been specially selected for this landmark in life. Each one is naturally beautiful and can last for years to come. Giving one of these gifts is much more meaningful than the ones we typically give.

Our Happy Retirement Rose Bush Gift is a gorgeous way to begin retirement. This living symbol of love and gratitude grows new leaves, shoots, and buds every spring. Immaculate pink-white roses bloom in abundance soon after, bringing life, colour, and fragrances to the garden.

Give our Pineapple Plant Gift to a loved one for retirement. This tropical plant has a decorative pineapple on a slender stem-like a crown jewel and lush evergreen leaves. Oh, and for those that snore, this plant releases an enzyme that keeps airways open and snoozing sound to a minimum.

Our Twisted Olive Tree is a superb ornamental and culinary gift. It has gorgeous, silver-green leaves on top of a slender, twisted stem. In spring, fragrant white blossom grows, bringing life and colour the garden. The olives are ripe and ready to be picked every autumn - they are delicious after being cured.

We also offer a range of personalised retirements gifts like our Engraved Spade or personalised Garden Hand Tools. Add the name and employed dates of the person retiring to really commemorate the time spent there. This is really a keepsake gift that will be admired for many years to come.

Order an unusual retirement gift now, add a personalised card, and nominate a day for delivery. We’ll handle the gift-wrapping.