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Retiring from a career is a huge milestone in someone’s life, so it’s important to mark their many years of hard work with a special gift. Our trees and roses are great tributes to a beloved colleague and will certainly keep them busy. Shop for unusual retirement gifts today.

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Finding the Perfect Retirement Present

After someone has devoted decades of their life to working, nothing quite says Happy Retirement like a gift requiring even more dedication and hard work. Celebrate someone's retirement with a gift that will keep them busy when they leave the workplace.

Theyve spent the best part of the last few decades cooped up in an office, working their fingers to the bone, so a tree gift to celebrate their retirement is a fitting remedy for this problem. With one of our beautiful trees for sale, they can rediscover the joy of the great outdoors and instead of attending pointless meetings and tending to emails, they can spend their time pruning their plant and enjoying the fruits of their labour - quite literally!

Retirement is meant to be about embracing the good life, relaxing and basking in the benefits of a life committed to being employed. This is rarely the case, especially now that people are being forced into retirement later in life. So when someone makes the leap and is actually able to retire, we think they've accomplished something worth celebrating and nothing quite says congratulations like a unique and sustainable gift.

Consider letting your congratulatory exclamations be heard with one of our Happy Retirement rose bushes or Faithful Friend rose gifts. If you want to be sure they keep busy, consider a fruit-bearing tree like our Concorde pear tree. A gift like this will provide them with hours of entertainment in the garden and also in the kitchen, whipping those fruits into a delicious dessert.

Everybody knows retirement isn't an all-access pass to party, it's just a fancy way of saying, I work from home. With one of our retirement tree gifts, you can ensure that they actually enjoy working from home and that they'll get some relaxation time, too!