Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Guide

Since primary school, we’ve all had to come up with the perfect gifts for Mum on Mother’s Day. From handmade cards with lopsided cut-and-paste hearts to semi-charred breakfasts in bed, Mum has been receiving all our best efforts (and mishaps) on her special day.

The time has come to make a change from hastily assembled gifts and freshly picked bouquets. Let us show you 5 unforgettable and meaningful mothers day gifts that make the perfect alternatives in our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.


Meaningful Mothers Day Gifts

 Send a Magnolia Tree Gift

A low maintenance fruit tree with extra care in winter, this beautiful variety of tree blooms in early Spring making it a wonderful Mother's Day Gift. Hardy and compact, making it perfect for growing in a container.

susan magnolia tree gift


The Magnolia Tree Gifts is a great plant to give as a gift. It blooms in late winter to early spring and produces bright white-coloured flowers with occasional pink magnolias.

The tree is usually an early bloomer, so you can expect great things from it! Its wood is light in colour and is often used in making crates, boxes, and furniture. Most importantly, the Magnolia Tree Gifts is prized for its ornamental value and attractiveness to wildlife. Give this beautiful tree as a Mother's Day gift and she'll love you forever!


Special Mum Rose Bush Gift

A low maintenance rose bush, in a pot and gift wrapped. Rose blooms due to appear in 8-10 weeks after Mother’s Day (Mid June).

Special Mum Rose Bush Blooms

We know every mum is special so what’s a better way to let her know just how special she really is than with a Special Mum Rose Bush Gift. The blooms are pink and rosy and will provide the garden with beautiful splashes of colour throughout from late June onward.

How many people buy bunches of flowers for their mum on Mother’s day? Rose bushes are an eco-friendly alternative, plus as they bloom every year it’s basically an everlasting bunch of flowers. Our rose bushes are extremely popular and are treasured by all, give the best gift this Mothers Day.


An Olive Bush makes a great gift

Delightful evergreen Olive bushes arrive gift wrapped in their own pots. Low maintenance outdoor plants. Perfect for patios, doorways.

Olive bushes are part of our Mother's Day Gift Guide

For the Zen Mother who enjoys tranquillity and meditation, an Olive Bush (a.k.a. ‘Plant of Peace’) could be the perfect addition to a relaxing environment. Olive branches have long since been used as symbols of peace, making the olive bush a thoughtful and unforgettable gift.

Olive trees are known to live for thousands of years making this tree the gift of a lifetime. The lifespan of the tree stretching just as far as our appreciation and love for mum. Why not also check out our Mini Olive Tree Gift? The unique bowl-shaped pot adds style to the small tree which is presented in beautiful gift wrap.


Rowan Tree Gift

A beautiful small native tree, associated with thousands of years of folklore, known as The Tree of Life.  Perfect for medium to large gardens. Can be grown in a large pot for 10 years before planting out.

Rowan Tree Sapling

Maybe your Mum is someone who provides you with unwavering strength and beauty and is steadfastly committed to her family? If so, consider showing your appreciation with our Rowan Tree Gift, a tree associated with protection, strength and beauty.

Known as the “Lady of the Mountain” the rowan tree is praised for being hardy but beautiful, thriving with strength and grace in harsh conditions. The Rowan is a small UK native tree that produces bright red berries in the autumn. In just a few weeks this sapling will be bursting to life with fresh spring growth making the garden feel alive once again.


Bay Tree Gifts

Evergreen and aromatic, our Bay trees make great gifts and come shaped for the stylish garden or to sit aside the family threshold.

Small Plaited Bay Tree 

Or maybe your mum is more of a nurturer, a mum who could always make the woes of the world pass with a simple hug or a smile. If so, one of our Bay Tree Gifts may be the optimum gift for her, as they’re used to ward off evil and illness.

As bay leaves are also used frequently in cooking hearty dishes like stews and soups and are associated with comfort it’s the ultimate gift for the mum who loves to cook and incorporate different herbs and spices.

We have a variety of sizes and styles will sure to be a perfect fit for any garden or personality. Choose between a range of sizes of Bay Trees or even a matching Pair of Bay Trees would be lovingly appreciated.


Personalise your gift with a special message inside one of our Luxury Mum Greetings Cards and let her know just how much she means to you on her special day.

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