Unique Romantic Gifts

Buying someone cut flowers has been tradition since the dawn of time but they just don’t last. It’s time to break that tradition and start giving living gifts that last a lifetime. Browse our unique romantic gifts and make the ultimate grand gesture. Who said romance is dead?

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Romantic Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift can be hard, whether its for an anniversary, Valentine's Day or just to say I love you. Here at Tree2mydoor, we've got you covered.Theres no better way of celebrating love than with something that can grow and flourish along with you. Romance is something that will bring joy and memories year after year and plants do the same. Every time your plant or tree blooms you will be reminded of all your happy memories together.

If you think a tree is too big and you want to start somewhere smaller, our wildflower seed bags will be perfect for you. The Love in a Bag is a stunning mix of native red wildflower seeds. Both are ready to plant straight away to be nurtured and cared for.

Roses have always been the epitome of love. Have romantic red blossoms in your garden every year with the ruby anniversary rose bush. Or pretty in pink blooms on your patio with the happy times rose bush. Whats more romantic than that?

Love is a commitment, so why not fully commit? Gift your partner a tree and show them you're in for the long haul.Oak trees are one of the largest UK native trees and can live for hundreds of years. It seems like a perfect living gift that can represent and eternalise anyones love.

We have a beautiful selection range gifts for you to choose from. If you need a little help or advice, give our Customer Care team on 0161 870 6368.