Tree of the month July 2011- Lemon Tree

Lemon Trees

July is here and the weather is scorching; it’s like we are in our own Sicilian wonderland (well not really hehe) but still, we can dream can’t we...

Summer is here and for this month our favourite tree (and most popular) has been the wonderful lemon tree.

Our top-quality lemon Trees are really popular at this time of year; they are zesty, bright and fun. A great gift to send to someone or a great gift to treat yourself with.

Lemon Trees are a great fruity gift that all of your family and friends will love when they come around to your house.

Lemon Trees for health

Those of you interested in your health will be interested to know that lemon trees are not only packed with flavour and particularly yummy on pancakes, but they are packed with vitamin c goodness for all the family.

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Growing Lemon Trees

Lemon trees are perhaps not quite as finicky and difficult to look after as you may imagine. Here a couple of guidelines for growing lemon trees.

  • Do not overwater them, wait until they are completely dry then give them a good water.
  • Use a good quality citrus feed.
  • Do not place them directly indoors next to a radiator or without really good ventilation. They really need to be in a conservatory or well-ventilated hallway.

Tree2mydoor Lemon Trees will produce fruit up to four times a year and look fantastic! The Lemon fruit itself grows from small white flowers, which smell great too.
Where to grow your lemon tree

Lemon Trees are known as trees for indoors; they do fabulous in a hallway or conservatory and can even be left out on the patio during summer (although watch out for really cold weather, they do not like to be shocked or get an absolute drenching).

Our other lemon trees

We have also got in a new selection of lemon bushes and lime bushes in stock this week, definitely worth checking out for the citrus lovers amongst you.