White Trees & Plants

Choose from our range of white trees and plants. When found in nature, the colour white can be immaculate, clean, and beautifully contrasted against dark green foliage and bark. This colour has enduring symbolic meaning in many cultures and has links to traditional occasions, so you are sure to find the right gift.

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Shop Trees with White Bark and Flowers

The colour white is associated with light and purity, goodness and perfection. This symbolism means it is associated with many traditions and occasions, especially weddings and christenings.

Send a Birch Tree to loved ones with medium-sized gardens. A UK native tree with white bark that stands out amongst the rest. Grow a Silver Birch or Snow Queen Birch as a specimen tree in the garden and watch as the seasonal interest changes throughout the year. Perfect for Silver 25th or Paper 1st wedding anniversaries.

Perhaps that special someone would prefer our Wild Cherry Tree Gift. This native tree is one of the first to bloom in spring, offering a cloud of pure white flowers amongst its lush greenery. Wildlife can’t resist the blooms of our native flowering cherry and the berries that follow in autumn. When winter comes, this fully hardy tree happily looks after itself and waits for another spring.

Our Star Magnolia Tree Gift is an exceptionally beautiful tree with white flowers, and not just for the pristine colour, but also for the star-shape of its blooms and the slender branches that hold them. This superb flowering tree is a timeless gift and will most certainly be remembered, admired, and appreciated for years to come.

Order any of our white trees and shrubs with a personalised card and nominated day for delivery. Our devoted gardeners will handpick a healthy specimen and beautifully gift-wrap it.