Unusual Easter Gifts

Instead of sending chocolate eggs filled with sugar, why not celebrate Easter with one of our unusual Easter gifts?

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Special Easter Gifts

Easter is the first proper holiday of the New Year, bringing the ray of hope that winter will be over soon. Although Easter is traditionally celebrated with chocolate eggs, there are ways to give more natural, waist-friendly gifts!

If you're heading out to a family dinner for Easter this year, consider taking the host a memorable gift. Choose our popular Sunshine in a Bag, a true heralder of springtime. This little jute bag contains 20g of yellow native wildflower seed. Once the seeds have been scattered and sown, an array of brightly coloured wildflowers will burst into bloom and your natural Easter gift will be remembered fondly year after year.

Why not send a gift that marks the beginning of the season? Nothing says spring like the blossoming of the cherry tree. We have a variety of cherry trees for you, from those with soft pink blossoms to our native white-flowered tree. When you send someone the gift of a fruit tree, you give them more than just a flowering plant; you give them the gift of nature. Our wild cherry tree attracts the attention of a plethora of birds, making this an excellent present for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

Another beautiful tree that would make a great present is our lemon tree. With colourful fruit and dark green leaves, this tree will be the talking point of any garden. It bears succulent lemons that you can enjoy year after year.

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