Christmas Holly Tree Gifts

We have a great range of holly tree gifts from small saplings to larger trees like the silver new handsworth. Although holly does conjure up images of yuletide celebrations, the tree does look beautiful all year round and doesn’t just have to be for Christmas

Pre-Christmas Order Deadlines 2020:

Final order deadline - Tuesday 22nd December 2020 at 12 noon
Last delivery date - Wednesday 23rd December 2020.

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Festive Garden Trees

In ancient celtic lore, holly is seen as a protective tree. It was once thought that planting it near your house will ward off evil spirits and even protect from lightning strikes.

Its a wonderful evergreen variety that will bring the garden to life over the Winter months, best known for its vivid red berries and dark green foliage and is particularly popular to send at Christmas.

Holly is often bought in pairs and look excellent placed next to the front door. Theyll give a warm festive welcome to anyone who passes through the door. Create the ultimate gift and pair the trees in matching pots from our plant pot collection.

If you are interested in something a little more unusual, we stock the Golden King variety, which feature lovely gold edged leaves. It has a contemporary feel and is just a bit different from the standard variety.

For the ultimate Christmas gift, consider sending someone our Christmas holly bush, perfectly packed in festive gift wrapping. The bush will arrive covered in berries that will look stunning offset against those crisp, frosty days.

All our trees come carefully packed with easy to follow planting and care instructions. Add a personalised greetings card or special message for no extra charge to make your gift truly unique.